Haley Prakke

Name: Haley Prakke

Nickname: PRAK

Year: First-year

Hometown: Cary, NC

Voice Part: Alto 1

Position in Loreleis: CD Girl

Major/Minor: Biology/neuroscience

Solos/Duets: N/A

What are some of your hobbies and interests? 

Volleyball, singing and creating mashups, playing piano

Beach or mountains?


What will you be famous for one day?

Being the world's clumsiest person...?

Favorite movie of all time? 

Water for Elephants

If you were a superhero, what would your power be and what would you be called? 

Clone myself so I can sing different parts: The Harmonizer

What is your favorite place in all of Chapel Hill?


What decade were you supposed to be born in? 

Roaring 20's!

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? 

Ice cream

What’s your favorite thing about UNC?

SO many opportunities to do different activities

If you weren’t at Loreleis practice every Wednesday night, what would you be doing? 

Playing volleyball

Leave us with a quote that inspires you. 

lifes too short to take no for an answer...no RAGRETS!