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Burn, Loreleis Album

The UNC Loreleis Present: Burn

Our next album title has officially been selected! "Burn" will be released in the spring of 2014 and will feature songs from our repertoires in 2012 - 2014. We have finally finished recording and are currently in the post-production phase of putting our album together -- AKA: We are getting excited and impatient! We can NOT wait to share this album with you!  

One thought on “The UNC Loreleis Present: Burn

  1. Dear Angie,Hello I am a fan of your music and very glad to hear and see your presents.I first heard your music on POWER FM 89.7 laocted in Sanger,TX in 2000.POWER FM still plays Satisfied and Free every once in awhile.The music had the beat I enjoy and the meaning of your songs touched me deeply. I bought your frist two CD’s on E Bay and I was happy.Glad to see your video.JUST WANTED TO DROP A LINE OF THANKS AND PRAISE.Thanks, Anthony

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